Diamond Dowsing is a unique method created by Marie Diamond, a Master Dowser. Through the technique of dowsing, you are able to find and cure negative vibrations in your home. More than 50,000 people have studied the basics of Diamond Dowsing online. This successful Dowsing method is a combination of the Ancient form of Dowsing but connected with the new information on Quantum Physics, the Law of Attraction and Brainwaves.


When your home is affected by stress zones from the Earth (Geopathic stress and Negative vortexes) and from Interferences like Electricity, WIFI and phones, it becomes a Beta vibrating home. The people living in it will experience more of the following symptoms :

  • Inability to receive deep, replenishing sleep or even sleep at all
  • Deplete easier the immune system and an increase of illness
  • Pain or disease in one particular area of the body
  • Difficulty in keeping trees, shrubs or plants healthy and unhappy pets.
  • Illness, stiffness and soreness of the body.
  • Lack of communication and disharmony and fights between the people living in the home
  • Cash flow issues and more business problems
  • Nervous system disorders
  • Inability to focus or concentrate
  • Loss of memory
  • ADHD –like symptoms
  • Spiritual negative experiences

When you use the Diamond Dowsing Method. You are using ancient knowledge, known by the Druids, high priests and shamans. They supported their kings, guide armies, located natural resources, pinpointed the perfect location for palaces and cathedrals and alleviated pain and sickness. With Diamond Dowsing you can use this same knowledge today to determine how the Earth’s energy is in your home. You can find out what is the effect created by the scars of the earth caused by water and fault lines, electricity, machinery and cell phones and how it affects your mind, your emotions and body.

You do not have to have a special gift to learn how to dowse.
Zuzka Tylkova teaches you exactly how to use the dowsing rods, interpret their movements and take appropriate actions with the Diamond Dowsing Cures and Energy Rings to neutralize stressed energy and amplify the positive energy. You can uplift your home to an Alpha and even Delta vibration so that you will experience greater success and prosperity, improved health and well-being, more fulfilling relationships and peace of mind and harmony around you. You will change the Law of Attraction of your environment.

Speakers, teachers, healers and other professionals have used this energy system to transform their space in creating a powerful connection with the quantum field. When using the Diamond Dowsing program, as taught in the Marie Diamond Transformation School, you create a quantum leap to your next level of success.

Watch Marie Diamond Explain Diamond Dowsing

The Diamond Dowsing Program

Marie Diamond has created a very simple, practical Diamond Dowsing Program. Once you learn how to Dowse your home, you can do this for all the places you live and visit in the future. You also can help your family and friends. Some of you follow the whole certification program and become Diamond Dowsing Teachers and Consultants. Some become full time or part time professional Dowsers or add this to their Healing, Feng Shui and Space Clearing practice. Zuzka become the Certified Diamond Dowsing Consultant and Teacher, So she can teach you in her in person 2 days seminar The Diamond Dowsing Basic Program.

Diamond Dowsing Basic Program

The Diamond Dowsing program teaches you how to use dowsing rods to find and cure negative vibrations in your environment. You will also learn what these vibrations or stress lines are, where they originate and more importantly, how to cure them.

The program includes information about the history of dowsing and how it has been used for thousands of years by other cultures. You will also understand how to detect the brainwaves of your home and how the energy field of your home is affecting you and your family.

Through the technique of dowsing, you will easily be able to change the brainwaves of your home/office and it will support you and everyone in the home and office.

Next Diamond Dowsing Basic seminar is in Bratislava , on September 23rd-24th . For your ticket click here