Energy rings are an important aspect in creating Enlightened Homes. Each ring is designed to form a quantum field or a “gateway to heaven” wherever it is located. The quantum energy field to which the rings are connected, helps to clean the dense energy and increase the vibrations of the area or room, as well as the people who use them.

They are primarily used as protection against negative energies in space. They protect against the effects of geopathogenic stress lines and interfering electromagnetic waves. They help to heal the body and connect with the spirit.

Currently we offer rings in 2 different sizes (large and medium). All rings connects to  a quantum field, but the difference is in the area of its influence. Each rings creates its aura field. The bigger the ring is – the bigger the aura and the influence of quantum field is.

What size of ring to choose?
Think about how you wish to use the ring. This will make your selection easier. There are many uses of these rings. There are some ways that we consider effective for each product.

For more information on all types of energy rings and their use, download FREE E-Book on Energy Rings here.

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