is Transformational Leader in Central Europe, Spiritual Teacher,  Diamond Dowsing Consultant & Teacher, CEO of Abundance For All s.r.o..

After reaching her Mastery degree, specialized in Hospitality Management and gaining expertise and experience in her professional field by working in best-known Hotel Chains in USA, Canada and top leading Event Agency in Prague, she found her passion and life purpose to be in Transformation.

Her professional journey in a field of Transformation, Personal and Spiritual Growth started in 2013 with a RealWoman organization focused on women’s potential in Slovakia. During this period she started with Diamond Dowsing consultations to help people transform their lives by curing their homes and environment.

From January 2015, she began the cooperation with Master Marie Diamond in her company in Slovakia. Zuzka became a coordinator for all projects in Central Europe. By being with Master Marie Diamond she has grown both spiritually and business wise.

In 2016 Zuzka established her own company Abundance For Al s.r.o.,  that is providing Diamond services and products to clients in 4 countries  (Slovakia, Czech republic, Sweden, and UK) with clear vision to help people live happy enlightened lives in Abundance.

She continued the cooperation with Master Marie Diamond as external coordinator for her events and programs in Central Europe. 

Today Zuzka is more focused on helping mostly entrepreneurs to become enlightened leaders for their companies, teams and communities. She is consulting and teaching Diamond Dowsing and meditations. 

Now she is in process of creating Community of Light workers in Central Europe. Safe place, where each member can share his wisdom, and get support by the community. Gathering holds strong vision in uplifting the vibrations of Central Europe, by daily work on uplifting vibrations of each member and by common regular meetings and meditations.